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Active and full involvement of women in clinical research is essential to developing new strategies to prevent HIV infections and to provide treatment and care to women living with HIV. It is also very important that women of all ages, races, ethnicities and HIV risk participate in clinical research reflecting […]

Women and HIV Clinical Trials

Since its establishment in 1987, thousands of people living with HIV have participated in clinical trials at the Case ACTU. Their participation led directly to the development of effective and better treatments for HIV infection. Many of the clinical trials offered at the Case ACTU are through its affiliation with […]

Clinical Trials For People Living With HIV

Welcome to the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at Case Western Reserve University / University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center (Case ACTU). For over 24 years the Case ACTU has been a worldwide leader in HIV/AIDS-related clinical research. This success has been possible because of the thousands of volunteers from Cleveland and Northeast […]

Clinical Trials