City Club Virtual Forum: State Policy During a Pandemic w/John Corlett

City Club Virtual Forum w/John Corlett

FEATURING: John R. Corlett, President and Executive Director, The Center for Community Solutions and longtime HIV/AIDS advocate

Over the last few weeks, Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio Director of Health Dr. Amy Action have signed a number of orders to curb the spread of coronavirus. The orders, while integral to “flattening the curve” and saving lives, have led to business being shut down while Americans are shut in at home. As a result, Governor DeWine has expanded unemployment benefits for laid off workers. In addition, federal policy makers have taken steps to provide paid sick leave, guarantee free coronavirus testing, increased federal Medicaid funding, and suspended work and training requirements for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) beneficiaries — among other measures. How do these changes help needy Ohioans? Are they enough? What other local, state, and federal policy changes can and should be considered as the pandemic rages on?